JG Marathon 2009

California dancers relax with Scott Blevins
Standing:  Julia, Lynn, Bob, Dorothy
Sitting:  Gloria, Poppin, Trish, Scott, Stella, Lisa

Lisa, Wildman Louie, and Bryan McWherer

Big Dave & Pauline

Niels Poulsen & Dorothy

Niels Poulsen & Trish

Bob having fun:
Poppin, Shaz, Bob, Stella, Lisa, Julia
Dee Musk in the front

Bob, Niels, Guyton, Daniel, Joey

Guyton teaching us how to be funky (be sure to watch for us on the floor!!):
Lynn, Guyton, Julia, Dorothy

Guyton, Stella, & Poppin

Junior & Trish

In the lobby getting ready for the parade - who are these guys?

And these guys?

And this guy?

Pirates Carol & Trish

Pirates:  Carol, Shaz, Bob, Trish, & Glen

California dancers (Trish, Julia, and Jeanette) with the
"unofficial photographers" at our events, Maz & Kaz.

Bob & Trish - JG 2009

Poppin, Shaz, Bob, Stella, Lisa

Bob, Niels, Guyton, Daniel, Joey


Trish & Daniel

JG Workshop

Rachael's workshop
May 1, 2009


JG2 - 2007

Carole with Guyton

Now we know why Bob loves going to events!!!

Me with Louie - the greatest DJ!



Summer class in Campbell

Summer class - Cupertino

Beginner's class - Almaden


Vacation - St. John, USVI 2008

The house we rented - La Bella Vita

The view from the upstairs balcony

The pool
(that's Bob and our granddaughter in the pool)

Our son & granddaughters at the local shopping center

Here's the local shopping center - Mongoose Junction

Our boat trip to the BVI (British Virgin Islands) - Cooper Island where we ate lunch

Christmas 2008