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Funky Workshop

Workshop, April 27, 1:15 – 5:45

1:15 – 1:45 Bob will teach half of Guyton’s Won’t Back Down. He will teach the 2nd half from 5:15 – 5:45. This is for those who don’t want to learn it – they can come late and leave early, or just watch it. Remember Guyton will be here in August – we have 4 months to learn this really well and impress Guyton!!!

We will be having another workshop before WWW in August.

Here is a list of dances for everyone to pick from (we won’t have time for everything, but we will try.  Bob will walk through everything, depending on how much people need.

So pick out 1 dance from each choreographer and let me know.  And you can always request a dance that’s not on this list.


Bring It on Down

Can’t Handle Me

Cadillac Ride

Let Me C It

This City

Tic Tok Drop

Don’t Drop Your Cha

Marz & Mummies

Lady Luck

Don't Stop The party

Pump It

Strobe Lights

Rapper’s Delight

JR Drop

Lay Me Down

Holdin’ It Down

We’re Not Broken
Wikkidist Ting





Follow the Leader

Danger Zone

Gangsta’s Paradise

It’s Murda

Too Close to Love

Man Overboard

 Never Enough

Those Applebottom

It’s Goin Round Round



Wicked Echoes